Joan Mayol & brother Martí Family estates «Es Colomer» and «l'Olivaret»

Joan Mayol, biologist and zoologist, is the author of the book “El llibre d'oli” (The Book of Oil). Together with his brother Martí and their menagerie of peacocks, geese, ducks and a diversity of small birds, Joan Mayol tends to his olives, the environment and their family business with tender loving care, in the estates of «ES COLOMER» and «L'OLIVARET», which used to be their father's old dairy farm. This attention to detail ensures the trees health, a healthy environment, high quality olives and an excellent olive oil.

The harvest is collected by hand and the olives are pressed the same day. Respect for nature and its biodiversity are the traits that define this biologist’s personality, and are also the key to their extraordinary oil. «Light as a feather and bright as a bird».

Joan Mayol & brother Martí

Llorenç & Antoni Family estate «Son Cuixa»

Antoni Riutort and his brother-in-law Llorenç Galmés grow olives on the same land as their forefathers, where cereals used to be grown at the turn of the last century. Over ten hectares of the estate Son Cuixa have links to the family and are now dedicated to growing organic olives.

The temperament and the intensity of their picual olives trees gives pungent flavour to the oil, and it will intensi- fy the most sophisticated culinary creations.

It is ideal with salads and the traditional “bollit” (a Mallorcan delicacy made from boiled meat and vegetables). It also combines perfectly with fried foods, since it remains stable during long cooking periods at high temperatu- res. It also twins superbly with chocolate.

Guillermo Mas & daughter Marta Family estate «Son Elsebitx»

Marta Mas and her father Guillermo Mas approach their family business with tender loving care. Their olive grove and the surroundings of Son Elsebitx - an old grange dating from the 16th Century, located near Petra, where it is said wine was made for the legendary Comte Mal.

Son Elsebitx has been a working farm in the Mas Llull family for over 150 years. Now 25 hectares of the original farm is dedicated to olive growing. Their plantation is in harmony with its surrounding flora and fauna. Natural vegetation prevents soil erosion and supports the life cycles of beneficial insects.

The cultivar grown, Arbequina, is well adapted to growing on poorer soils and gives a high yield of small, round fruits. These olives produce a smooth, intensively fruity oil.