Tradition and future

Majorca’s three precious jewels: the Mediterranean Sea, the sunshine and its people’s deep-rooted love for our land are key ingedients in the production of our luscious, organic products.

Reis de Mallorca

Extra virgin olive oil · organic, from Mallorca

Reis de Mallorca (Kings from Majorca) is the result of the union of three ecological islander producers with long experience in the world of olive oil. We offer a selection of our best olives, cultivated personally and harvested at its optimum ripening point in order to obtain a special oil, that can satisfy the most demanding palates and has the highest quality both for the direct consumption and the culinary use.

Adopt an Olive Tree

From your olive tree to your table

Organic Farming

Promotes a healthier agro-ecosystem

The Farmers

Faces and stories

Toni and Llorenç from Petra, in the center of the island. They are brothers-in-love.

Martí and Joan, from Palma. They are brothers.

Guillem and Marta, from Petra. They are father and daugter

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